Call for Regional Coordinator:

Note: Only open to persons working for UNOY Peacebuilders member organisations

Deadline for applications: 31 May 2017

The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) is currently seeking a Regional Coordinator for the Asian region. The Regional Coordinator must be working for, nominated and supported by, a UNOY Peacebuilders member organisation


Position Regional coordinator
Agreement type Voluntary
Purpose Coordinate and support member organisations within the Asian region, with the external role of increasing the credibility of their work with institutions and donors while internally facilitating exchange of knowledge, resources and ensure productive communication
Location Home based
Duration Two years


UNOY Peacebuilders has conducted extensive consultations among its member organizations, internal governing structures and external partners on topics related to network development and structure. As a result of the consultations, the need to appoint Regional Coordinators for each of the six regions where UNOY Peacebuilders’ members are active has become clear. There will be two pilot regions for the implementation of regional coordination, Western and Central Africa and Asia.

The mandate of the Regional Coordinator is to be for 2 years, with possibility for renewal and the position is unpaid. Each regional coordinator must be hosted and nominated by a UNOY Peacebuilders member organisation.


As regional coordinator, you must dedicate at least 4 hours per week to your position. You must also:

  • Be an individual working or volunteering in a UNOY Peacebuilders member organisation in Asia. The regional coordinator is to be based in the region.
  • Be committed to UNOY Peacebuilders and the values which bring us together
  • Be interested in networking and have a clear vision on for strengthening the network in Asia
  • Have knowledge of youth peacebuilding activities in your region
  • Have knowledge of the wider support structures for youth and peacebuilding in your region, and be able to use this knowledge to identify opportunities for member organisations to collaborate.
  • Be able to communicate at a professional level, in speech and writing, in both English and French
  • Have very good organisational and administrative skills
  • Have good and consistent access to the internet and familiarity with online tools for communication and sharing resources
  • Be able to travel within the region and internationally

Having experience of advocacy and representation activities is also considered beneficial, but is not a requirement.

The regional coordinator must be hosted and nominated by a UNOY Peacebuilders member organisation. The member organisation must commit to:

  • Supporting the regional coordinator in fulfilling their role, including by providing office space and access to IT infrastructure;
  • Allowing the regional coordinator to spend a minimum of 4 hours per week to their role as regional coordinator;
  • Nominating a replacement candidate for the regional coordinator role should the regional coordinator hosted by them leave the host organisation or fail to fulfill their role satisfactorily.


The role of the regional coordinator is to:

  • Develop, together with member organisations, a common vision and strategy at regional level, in line with UNOY Peacebuilders’ overall strategy and adapted to the regional context and needs;
  • Coordinate the establishment and implementation of a common agenda and ensuring collaboration and coordination among UNOY Peacebuilders members in the region by building on their priorities, action plans, strengths, needs;
  • To act as a focal point amongst members in the Asian region, enable communication, coordination and action at regional level and is to be a liaison between the International Secretariat and the members in the region;

The regional coordinator should do the following on a regular basis:

  • Be in direct communication with all member organisations in the region
  • Be in direct communication with the International Secretariat, at least weekly
  • Identify and disseminate opportunities (funding, capacity building, conferences etc.) which are relevant to member organisations in the region

Specific deliverables expected of the regional coordinator are:

  • A common regional agenda including regional priorities, objectives and indicators to measure the achievement of these objectives is to be set up within the first month after the position is appointed;
  • Within the first month, the prefered communication means are to be identified with members and common channels set up with an agreed schedule for regular regional communication;
  • Ensure information flow and constant communication with members and identifies relevant and inclusive channels for communication; if funding allows it, in person meetings are to take place as often as possible;

Further deliverables will be identified on the basis of the regional agenda. Depending on the needs of member organisations in the region, the Regional Coordinator is expected to:

  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge – Set up thematic working groups the exchange of knowledge among organisations and enable opportunities for members to learn from each other. Other formats are also possible. Leadership can be taken by different members based on expertise on theme, the regional coordinator is is to ensure this happens.
  • Organise joint advocacy – Work with the International Secretariat and the member organisations to build relationships with relevant regional bodies and ensure member organisations are able to conduct advocacy at the regional level.
  • Support fundraising – The regional coordinator will work together with members to develop ideas and concepts for joint network actions to be shared with donors. The regional coordinator will not be solely responsible for this, but will play a key role in ensuring that regional needs are being met.

Position within UNOY Peacebuilders:

UNOY Peacebuilders is governed by an International Steering Group elected by the member organisations and coordinated by an International Secretariat. The regional coordinator is a member of the International Secretariat team and will report to the management team of the International Secretariat. The regional coordinator will also work closely together with the International Steering Group representative from their region.

How to apply?

To apply for this position, please send:

  • Your CV, 2 pages maximum
  • A letter of motivation, 1 page maximum. Please describe:
    • Your motivation for taking on this role?
    • The skills, experiences and lessons learned which you will make use of as a Regional Coordinator?
    • The actions would do you foresee taking as a Regional Coordinator?
  • A letter of nomination from the UNOY Peacebuilders member organisation which will host you as regional coordinator

Please send your application to by 31 May 2017 with the subject line “Regional Coordinator Asia”. If you have any questions, please contact

Please note that the regional coordinator position is unpaid, and is only open to individuals nominated by UNOY Peacebuilders member organisations.