Call for participants

Working with Conflict
Training of Trainers on Transforming Narratives

8-15 April 2018

Are you a (potential) trainer or educator active in the peacebuilding field? Would you like to improve your facilitation skills? And learn how to work with other young people to construct and disseminate peaceful narratives?  If so, UNOY Peacebuilders invites you to apply to participate in the Training of Trainers on Transforming Narratives! This training will consist of three phases, starting on 25 February and ending mid- June 2018. The face to face training will be held between 8-15 April 2018, in the Hague, The Netherlands.

What is it?

The Training of Trainers on Transforming Narratives is a 6-day training course that will gather 20 young trainers from youth-led peace organisations based in Council of Europe member countries.

At a time when Europe is attempting to address the rise of populism and hate speech, this Training of Trainers aims to build the capacities of young peacebuilders to build build peace across Europe, and globally, by developing narratives that shape positive social relationships. To achieve this, we will work toward to following objectives:

To build the following among 20 youth peace trainers:

  • Capacities (knowledge, skills and attitudes) to transform conflicts
  • Knowledge of the ways in which narratives can influence conflicts
  • Skills to work with their peers to construct and disseminate peaceful narratives
  • Facilitation and training skills, to support their peers to engage with complex issues through non-formal education methodologies

And, to strengthen networks of young trainers with expertise in peacebuilding across Europe.

Who are we looking for?

This ToT has a strong emphasis on training and facilitation skills, as well as conflict transformation and transforming narratives and therefore require participants with very specific profiles to ensure that the training can flow smoothly with the highest standard.

We are therefore looking for participants between 18-30 years old, who:

  • have trainer/facilitator/educator profiles: have conducted trainings themselves, or sessions or workshops either through formal or non-formal education.
  • are active within a youth organisation working on building peace – both UNOY Peacebuilders’ member organisations and non-member organisations aligned with the goals of UNOY Peacebuilders
  • have a basic understanding or experience in peacebuilding, peace education and conflict work (either through studies, trainings or other relevant experience)
  • are residing in one of the 47 Council of Europe member countries. To check whether you are eligible, kindly consult this overview.
  • have initial experience or proven interest in designing and facilitating non-formal education trainings in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation
  • are fluent in English since the working language of the training will be English
  • are able to participate in ALL three phases of the ToT

We encourage young people linked to UNOY member organisations to apply for the training course!

What will happen during the 3 phases?

Activity 1- Online Pre-Training  (February 26 – April 7 2018)

  • the online phase will consist of 6 full weeks of online modules and group work. It will prepare the participants for the face-to-face training, especially in the knowledge and theory-based aspects of the topic. The online phase will also serve as a platform for participants to familiarize themselves with each other, and team up in small groups and work together.

Activity 2 – On-site Training  (April 8- April 15 2018 )

  • the face-to-face training is a skills-based training that will include practical, inspiring and creative methods based on arts, communication, dialogue and hands-on practice. It will run for 6 days, and is divided into two parts:
    • Develop knowledge and attitudes  related to peacebuilding, the role of narratives and training using non-formal education methods.
    • Improve facilitation and training skills through a series of participant-led sessions, where participants will get hands-on experience of developing and implementing their own non-formal education activities. This practice session will include a video analysis followed by well structured self-reflection, debriefing and feedback sessions from the trainers and other participants. A co-learning environment will be ensured during the whole process.

Activity 3- Local-level Trainings (April 15- June 15 2018)

  • The final phase of the project is when the 20 young trainers return to their home countries or regions, where they will organise a small-scale local-level training on conflict transformation and transforming narratives themselves. Coaching will be provided by the team of trainers, and fellow participants, throughout the development and implementation phase of this activity through regular online meetings.

What does the training cost?

All costs during the course of the training will be covered by the organisers, as well as the travel costs. A participation fee of €120 for all participants will be deducted from the final amount for reimbursement.

The following expenses will be covered by the organisers:

  • Visa fees (if applicable)
  • Local transportation costs to/from the airport
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and accommodation for the duration of the activity
  • Other ToT related costs (training material, travel costs during the workshop, etc.)

International travel costs will be reimbursed to participants on the basis of the least expensive route between their place of residence and the town in which the course is held. Only the least expensive mean of transportation will be reimbursed (economy class, no taxis). Participants can only book tickets after they have received a confirmation from UNOY Peacebuilders.

How to apply?

In order to apply you should fill in the online application form latest by 11 February 2018 at 23.59 CET. For any questions contact Imre Veeneman (

Click here to apply!

This training course is supported by a grant from European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.