UNOY Member organization launches Amman Youth Declaration in Afghanistan

November 30th, 2015

Ali Fayez is a young peacebuilder from  Afghanistan. He represents the organization Afghans For Progressive Thinking (APT), which is a member of our network. Ali attended the Global Forum on Youth, Peace and Security, in Amman, Jordan (21-22 August) and now he tells us how he is using the Amman Youth Declaration to push the youth, peace and security agenda forward in his country. 

Ali Fayez from Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APF)
Ali Fayez from Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APF)

“Today youth in Afghanistan play a crucial role as Afghanistan civil society organizations are mostly run by young people. However, the tribal and Jihadi leaders remain as obstacles ahead of youth in political decision-making processes. Despite this reality, more than any time before, youth in Afghanistan is now more aware of their environment and contemporary issues. Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT), a youth-led organization and a member of UNOY Peacebuilders, demonstrates the fact that Afghan youth are now working not only on the national level but on international platforms too. Recently, I (APT) attended the Global Forum on Youth, Peace and Security, in Jordan. In the Global Forum, youth representatives from all over the world adopted the Amman Youth Declaration on Youth, Peace and Security that calls on United Nations, international agencies and national governments to take serious actions regarding issues pertaining youth and also youth commitment by implementing the actions points of the declaration.

Since returning home from the Global Forum, I have been partially engaged in taking the Amman Youth Declaration forward. I met Kamal Saadat, the Deputy Minister on Youth Affairs of Afghan government and discussed the Declaration in early September. Saadat was very pleased to hear about APT’s works, especially our international advocacy work for youth. He promised that the Ministry of Youth Affairs of Afghan Government would help APT in all capacity and he will also share the Declaration with the Afghan authorities.

Youth, Peace and Security Conference
Youth, Peace and Security Conference

On 3 November, APT organized a conference on Youth, Peace and Security in cooperation with Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs at the Ministries Palace – Government Media and Information Center in Kabul. High government officials, members of the Afghan parliament, civil society activists, and youth attended the conference. I read the Amman Declaration at the conference and officially submitted it to the Afghan authorities. I also pointed on the Afghan National Youth Policy and asked the Deputy Minister to report about implementation of the NYP to the youth. Kaamal Saadat appreciated APT works for the Afghan youth and expressed the commitment of DMYA in implementing the ANYP and Amman Youth Declaration. Furthermore, Mustafa Saeedi, Adviser to the Special Envoy of President on Reforms and Good Governance delivered a speech and expressed commitment of Afghan National Unity Government in implantation of both documents.

At the end of the program, APT appreciated the work of Afghan youth activists by giving an award of “Young Peace Builder”. APT will continue to highlight the work of youth who have been remained invisible and unrecognized.”



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