UNOY Peacebuilders is managed by a small youth-led secretariat in The Hague, the Netherlands, and two regional coordinators based in Asia and West and Central Africa. The secretariat has four staff members and usually three or four interns, trainees and volunteers as well who stay with us for 4-6 months. View the governance structure of the network here. If you are interested in joining our team, visit the Join us page for information on current opportunities.


Gizem Kilinc, Leading coordinator

Responsibilities: Joint leadership of the network; Advocacy.

Lorraine Degruson, Leading coordinator

Responsibilities: Joint leadership of the network; Strategic planning; Network development.

Imre Veeneman, Programme coordinator

Responsibilities: Capacity development program.

Bart Horeman, Financial coordinator

Responsibilities: Financial planning; Bookkeeping; Donor relations.

Regional coordinators

  • Mohammed Foboi| West and Central Africa |
  • Mridul Upadhyay | Asia |

Interns, trainees and volunteers

  • Paloma Laniz | Projects & Evaluations Officer |
  • Julia Puente Duyn | Network & Communications Officer |


An important part of UNOY Peacebuilders’ work is to ensure youth participation in discussions about peace and security at the international level. Much of this work is carried out by our Youth Advocacy Teams, international teams of young peacebuilders who engage with international decision makers:

  • The Youth Advocacy Team (YAT) focuses on the international policy discussion about youth, peace and security. They have played a key role in shaping this conversation so far, including through advocating for UN Security Council resolution 2250.
  • The European Youth Advocacy Team (E-YAT)  has put young people’s role in peacebuilding on the agenda in Europe. They engage with the various bodies of the European Union and the Council of Europe to influence European policy both within and outside of Europe.
  • We have recently set up an African Youth Advocacy Team (A-YAT) to amplify the voices of young peacebuilders across the African continent in regional policy making.

We are currently in the process of setting up additional regional youth advocacy teams to start conversations with regional intergovernmental bodies.


The International Steering Group is a democratically elected body consisting of six individuals from UNOY member organisations. Members of the International Steering Group are elected on a regional basis ensuring representation from different regions of the network. Their main responsibilities are strategic planning and setting thematic priorities based on feedback from the network. Individuals can sit for two terms of two years maximum after which they must step down.

  • Ana Maria Mendoza Garcia, Americas
  • Ali Fayez, Asia
  • Yazeed Al Jeddawy, Middle East and North Africa
  • Lawal Rafiu Adeniran, West and Central Africa
  • Rebecca Hovhannisyan, Europe
  • Tobias Saratiel, Eastern and Southern Africa


The board represents the legal body of UNOY Peacebuilders and are responsible for approving annual plans and budgets. Board members are all based in the Netherlands and they meet six times a year together with the International Secretariat. Board members can serve a maximum of two, two year periods before they must step down. Board members are not remunerated for their work.

  • Laura Lasance, Chair
  • Bryant Heng, Treasurer
    Elodie Théobald, Secretary
  • Siebrich Visser
  • Rojan Bolling
  • Gesa Bent
  • Gabriella Vogelaar

We also have three honourary chairs who all played a vital role in making UNOY Peacebuilders the network it is today:

Nikolai N. Firjubin
Rabby A. Soetendorp
Maria Kooijman