UNOY Peacebuilders is made up of youth peace organisations from around the world. Our member organisations work in very different contexts, but they are all committed to working for a culture of peace and non-violence. Using the tabs below, you can find an introduction to each of our member organisations as well as details on how to find out more. If you represent a youth organisation which you feel should join our network, you can find more information about joining at the Join us page.


Bujumbura, Burundi

YELI-Burundi is a non-profit youth led-initiative that empowers young people on issues that affect their lives for positive change, peace and prosperity in the Burundi. It provides opportunities for young people to explore different leadership skills and develop their leadership potential. YELI-Burundi strives to Inspire Breakthroughs and Timely Catalysts for Change in Youths. Its work focuses on advocacy, conflict prevention and transformation, PVE/CVE, social cohesion, Intercultural and Interfaith dialogue, education and Economic development.

Contact Person: Emmanuel Wakana
Phone: + 257 75 276 283


Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Youth Action for Community Development and Peace (Action des jeunes pour le Développement Communautaire et la Paix – ADECOP) is an independent youth-led, non-profit organisation that encourages young people and vulnerable social minorities to take an active role in laying the foundations for lasting peace by increasing awareness and understanding the meaning of community organizing for peace, democracy and development for a cohesive, resilient and inclusive society.

Contact Person: Mukengerwa Bahati Julien
Phone: +243974420713 


Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Programme Dencadrement Et De Reinsertion Des Jeunes Ex Combattants Et En Difficults (PEREX-CV) is an organisation with 200 active youth, reaching about 1200 youngsters annually. Its work focuses on the peaceful reintegration of ex-combatants into the community.

Contact person: Dunia Siyeto Katembo Colomba


Uvira, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Groupement de Promotion Integrale is an NGO based in Uvira, South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It promotes the education of disadvantaged children with disabilities. GPI’s work focuses on action for peace and sustainable community development.

Contact person: Jeanne Bintu
Email: or
Phone: +257 (0) 6064234


Nairobi, Kenya

The Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA) is a network of individual peacebuilders and organisations whose purpose is to work for sustainable peace in Africa. Its area of focus is to build the capacity of stakeholders in the field of conflict management and related issues. COPA facilitates linking and sharing between practitioners and stakeholders to ensure the building of sustainable peace in Africa.

Contact Person: Charles Bwembya
Email: or
Phone: +1-850-524-2621


Elodret, Kenya

The Jumuiya Women Group is a community-based organisation registered in 2001 with an active program on women’s empowerment and advocacy. It aims to achieve its goals through women empowerment, networking, civic education, training, research, advocacy, lobbying and information collection, packaging and exchange.

Contact Person: Naomi Chebii
Phone: +254 722 826104


Eldoret, Kenya

The Kenya Community Sports Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that uses the medium of sport for social change with a focus on youth transformation and behavior change. KESOFO works to promote the use of sports as the entry point into local communities to address underlying causes of poverty and as a vehicle to achieve lasting social change.

Phone: +254 53 203 0356

Kenya Youth Foundation

Nairobi, Kenya

The Kenya Youth Foundation (KYF) is a youth development organisation that provides opportunities while implementing programs for youth in the community. KYF believes that in order for sustainable development to be achieved, youth’s participation in policy and development is vital.

Contact person: Edwyn Odeny Odhiambo
Email: or
Facebook PageKYF – Kenya Youth Foundation


Elwak, Kenya

Elwak Youth for Peace and Development is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2009 and is located in Kenya, on the border with Somalia. Its work focuses on conflict management and intervention, peacebuilding and advocacy for youth empowerment. YPD aims to ensure youth are empowered and take part in community decision making.

Contact person: Suleiman Mohamed
Phone: +254 732024093


Somaliland, Somalia

The Somaliland Youth Development and Voluntary Organisation is a local non-governmental, non-profit organisation based in Somaliland. It aims to create a society whose children, women and youth are peaceful, with safeguarded rights, and socially, healthily, mentally, wealthily, psychologically and educationally well-being is ensured.

Contact Person: Mr. Mohamed Hussein Aideed
Email: or
Phone +2522-4435645/4300009


Burao, Somaliland, Somalia

The Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organzation is a grassroots non-political and non-profit making organisation, which runs a wide range of projects across Somaliland. It was founded in 2003 with a major mandate to build self reliance among marginalized people, particularly children, youth and women of Somaliland.

Contact Person: Adam Geedi
Phone: + 252 27 15 539

Somali Youth Development Foundation (SYDF)


Somali Youth Development Foundation is the largest youth alliance, based in Somalia, containing more than 300 members working in youth development. Their approach begins with learning about Somali communities, with a specific focus on the needs and goals of youth, in order to enhance their quality of life. The organisation is active in areas such as environmental commitment, employee relations, community involvement and accessibility to safeguard the global Somali youth to promote sustainable development.

Contact Person: Abdullahi Mohamd
Phone: +2526166652017
Facebook: SYDF

Conflict Resolution by Youth

Kampala, Uganda

Conflict Resolution by Youth (CRY) is a Ugandan youth organisation which works on integrating into culture of non violence into youth culture through youth peace camps, debate activities and more.

Contact person: Adong Doreen
Phone: +256414570568
Facebook page: CRY Uganda

MIGHT Foundation

Kampala, Uganda

Minority Rights Foundation (MIGHT) is a Ugandan non-partisan and non-profit organization that promotes, respects and strengthens peace, human rights and sustainable development in Uganda through research, advocacy, litigation, capacity-building, community development and humanitarian aid through volunteers, donors and partners around the world.

Contact person: Derek Mpagi
Phone: + 256702344242
Facebook page: MIGHT Foundation

Community Development Trust (CDTZ)

Gweru, Zimbabwe.

Community Development Trust in Zimbabwe (CDTZ) is a non-profit organization that seeks to be synonymous with an interest in young people aiming at addressing their changing needs. CDTZ promotes, facilitate and organize capacity building training, advocacy and lobbying, youth leadership growth and development training, dialogue facilitation, conflict management and peace building trainings so as to contribute to community sustainable development.

Contact person: Tobias Saratiel
Phone: +263 773 067 073

Masakhaneni Projects Trust

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Masakhaneni Projects Trust (MPT) is a non-profit and independent organization working to promote sustainable peace, reconciliation and justice in post-conflict situations by implementing projects which will help heal and rebuild communities that have been affected by violent conflicts and human rights violations. The organization is dedicated to working with rural communities in Zimbabwe to help them reach their full potential through the resuscitation of livelihood projects. These activities promote democracy, good governance at local level and ensure the full participation of women and youth in local decision making.

Contact person: Khayelihle Nkala
Facebook Group:Masakhaneni Projects TRU

Youth for Peace and Development

Harare, Zimbabwe

Youth for Peace and Development is a youth-led peace NGO formed to enhance youth as active members of peace building. The organization works primarily on two different types of activities: national advocacy for youth participation in peacebuilding and long term partnerships and publications. Their advocacy activities aim to shape national policies and the practice of peacebuilding as well as empowering young peacebuilders working at a local, national and regional level.

Contact person:Munyaradzi Chitsuwa
Phone: +263774640660
Facebook: Y4PD

African Youth Relief Organisation


African Youth Relief Organisation is a non-profit organisation based in Benin, which was created in 2004. Its work focuses on the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence.

Phone: +229 97579256
Fax: +229 21323234


Bangem, Cameroon

CCREAD is a youth-led development non-profit organization established in 2004. It aims to introduce disadvantaged women, children, youths and poor indigenous people to viable and sustainable, social and economic empowerment opportunities to better their living.

Contact person: Hilary Ewang Ngide
Email: and
Phone: +237 33222854 or +237 96202344

Local Youth Corner Cameroon

Yaounde, Cameroon

Local Youth Corner Cameroon is a youth-led nongovernmental organization working with youths between the ages of 15-35. Their mission is to promote youth empowerment, inclusion and participation in policy making and development process. They are focused in the domain of peace building and conflict prevention, radicalization and violent extremism, inter-cultural dialogue, human rights and freedom, civic education and nation building, personality development, gender equality and gender-based violence.

Contact person: Achaleke Christian Leke
Phone: +237 673513129
Facebook Group: Local Youth Corner

Community Centre for Integrated Development (CCID)

Buea, Cameroon

CCID aims to advance the rights of communities, women, girls and young people in Cameroon while strengthening community leaders and community based organisations to respond to the needs of indigenous people. CCID is working to ensure that young people have access to educational opportunities, youth friendly reproductive right services, and resources to assume leadership with a focus on social planning and policy change.

Contact Person: Jude Thaddeus Njikem
Email: or
Phone: +237674432435

Positive Peace Group


The Positive Peace Group is a non-governmental organisation based in Cameroon, founded in 2011. Its mission is to promote sustainable development by fostering peaceful coexistence within and between people and between people and the environment. Its programs include the promotion of peace and environmental education and research, human rights, dissemination of early warning signals for conflict prevention, mediation, democracy and good governance, and peace awards and distinctions.

Contact person: Chenwi Denis Fuh
Phone: +23754458263



Bangui, Central African Republic

URU (“take off” in English) aims to promote support and develop youth-led organisations. They  develop projects to push youth organisations to work together on the implementation, in order to create a cohesion among them. They advocate for youth to have more training on project management and others issues linked to the improvement of their project.

Contact Person: Kessy Ekomo
Email: or
Phone: +23672449999

Bird of Peace

Bangui, Central African Republic

Bird of Peace is an NGO that works in the fields of training for transformation, advocay, non-violence transforming initiatives, mediation, human rights and social action empowerment. The organization aims to support initiatives in favor of the vulnerable section of society, namely women and children. Furthermore, Bird of Peace aims to support all that relates vulnerable peoples’ environment in order to achieve sustainable development.

Contact Person: Anthony Fabrice Kettemlet, Founder
Phone: +23675565739


Tamale, Ghana

SEDARVP Ghana is a local NGO known as Social Education Development and Rural Volunteer Program with its headquarters located in the northern part of Ghana. It is a non-partisan, non-religious, non-racial and non-ethnic organization that aims to bring together all street children of Ghana for a better future and to empower women through skills and training activities. The NGO aims to promote quality of education among rural communities through volunteers’ support.

Contact Person: Abukari Shaibu Niendow, Founder
Phone: +233245052472/ +23324407210
Facebook: SEDARVP Ghana

West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation

Accra, Ghana

The West Africa Center for Peace Foundation (WACPF) is a non-governmental organisation established in 2008 that serves young generations in schools and communities through education of human rights, gender issues, conflict resolution, leadership and peace building in Ghana. Its vision is to promote peaceful coexistence and respect for all.

Contact person: Wisdom Addo
Phone: +233264600311

Young Peace Brigades

Kumasi, Ghana

Young Peace Brigades is a charity and a non-governmental organisationbased in Ghana and incorporated in 2004. It works to tackle poverty through the promotion of access to opportunities for community education, economic development and health services through volunteerism and community self-help initiatives in Africa.

Contact Person: Rashid Zuberu (Leading Coordinator)
Email: or
Phone: +233205188659


Montserrado County, Liberia

ACPI is a youth-led secular, non-tribal, non-political, peace and community development non-governmental organisation dedicated to creating a better future for the children and youth of post-war Liberia through youth-friendly community development and peacebuilding programmes. Its work focuses on advocacy, empowerment and developing strategies and methodologies that provide skills and training programs to young people and their environment, with a view to develop peaceful attitudes and create sustainable, healthy and improved livelihoods.

Contact Person: Fred Barlue
Email: or

PeaceLinks – Liberia

Voinjama, Liberia

Peacelinks- Liberia founded in 2011, is a non-profit, non-political, non-religion organization that strives to empower and engage community social structures, stakeholders and local authorities to address issues that provoke conflicts and disputes to build a peaceful and inclusive society.

Contact Person: Mohammed Kamara
Email: or
Phone: +231886684670 or +231776684670



Looking Into The Future was founded in 2008 as a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable youth and students’ transformation/advocacy organisation. It promotes child and women rights education, encouraging women’s participation in democracy, fostering the involvement of youth and children in decision making, creating awareness on basic reproductive health issues with specific emphasis on HIV/AIDs, resolving conflict and initiating peace, and eliminating violence and academic malpractice.

Contact person: Jah Wolobah Beyan
Email: or
Phone: +23188-107494

Messengers of Peace-Liberia INC (MOP-Liberia)

Monrovia, Liberia

Messengers of Peace- Liberia Inc (MOP-Liberia) is a non- profit, non-governmental, voluntary youth based organization that assists in the consolidation of peace through dialogue and reconciliation. MOP-Liberia has over a thousand youth volunteers serving as Peace Messengers in various schools and poor communities. We conduct mentoring and coaching programs in peacebuilding and advocacy for meaningful inclusion of youth in peace and security matters.

Contact person: Gwendolyn. S. Meyers
Phone: +23188-6404334
Facebook Group: Messengers of Peace- Liberia Inc(MOP-Liberia Inc)

Association des Jeunes pour la Citoyenneté Active et la Democratie (AJCAD Mali)


Bamako, MaliAJCAD Mali is founded by a group of young activists who are convinced of the important role that youth have to play in the development and rule of the law establishment in Mali. We focus on youth leadership, organisational development of grassroots groups, advocacy towards local and national decision makers, youth policy development, active citizenship and SRH education.

Contact person: Aissa Traore


Lagos, Nigeria

AYHD is a youth led non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit organisation based in Nigeria. It aims to promote peace, justice, human rights, economic and health development among Nigerian and African youths through capacity building, advocacy, research and documentation.

Contact Person: Patrick Chinedu Enwerem
Email: or
Phone: +238037847845, +234806044716

Building Blocks for Peace Foundation

Lagos, Nigeria

Building Blocks for Peace is a network of individuals and groups working on increasing young people’s participation in conflict/violence prevention, countering violent extremism and peacebuilding in Nigeria. We facilitate the achievement of a peaceful society through peace advocacy, peace education, capacity building and training, research and documentation, lobbying, facilitating dialogue, publication and consultancy services.

Contact Person: Rafiu Adeniran Lawal
Email: or
Phone: +234 8054151494
Facebook: Building Blocks for Peace Foundation
Twitter: @bbforpeace


Garki Abuja, Nigeria

Youth for Peace Building and Development in Africa is a youth organisation open to young persons within the ages of 15 – 35 years, who believe in the overall development efforts of YOUPEDA, which centres on youth development and peace education. It works toward strategically exploring lasting peace efforts democratically and preventing/reducing the impact of poverty, HIV and other related social disorders in Africa.

Contact person: Obi Daniel Peter
Phone: +234 8036056804

PeaceLinks Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Peacelinks Sierra Leone is a non-profit and non-denominational youth-led organisation founded in 1990 to empower young people to step forward for positive change in Sierra Leone. It uses visual and performing arts (music, dance, drama, painting) and vocational skills training to give young people a better life.

Contact Person: Emerson Kamara
Email: or
Phone: +23276636340

Young Leaders of Sierra Leonne

Sierra Leone

YLSL is a youth-led, non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organisation, registered in Sierra Leone under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It works to foster a platform for young Sierra Leonean professionals at home and in the diaspora to participate actively in nation-building through dialogue, education, advocacy, networking, and development.

Contact person: Mr Mohamed Sillah Sesay
Email: or
Tel: +23277491619
Facebook Group: Young Leaders Sierra leone (YLS)

Youth Participation in Peace and Development-Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

YPPD-SL’s mission is to minimise marginalization and inadequate justice at the local and community level among youth. YPPD-SL aims to enhance the understanding of rights, social justice and community security for youth and disadvantaged groups. The understanding of rights by these groups is further supported by YPPD-SL through training social justice providers to resolve disputes in adherence to human rights standards.

Contact person: Martin Maada George
Phone: +23276310734

Peace Ambassadors – The Gambia (PAG)

Republic of The Gambia

An international organization born in the Republic of The Gambia on the 17th May 2001. The establishment of the organization was conceived based on the perception that a whole generation of young people are physically and mentally affected as a result of wounds caused by armed conflict including civil, racial, political, genocide and religious wars. PAG is a youth-led organization ready to play a vital role in supporting the reconstruction of conflict-affected societies by building a solid base for their continued peace and development. They aim to do this by encouraging dialogue, understanding, freedom, democracy, tolerance and forgiveness, which are factors for justice and equality

Contact Person: Yankuba Manjang
Phone: +220 3914415 / +220 7175382
Email: /

Argentine Youth Organization for the United Nations


OAJNU is a non-governmental organisation, without aims of profit, created and directed by young people committed with Human Development. Its work focuses on a National Youth Forum, workshops on citizenship, democracy, participation and equality, and street campaigns.

Contact Person: Marcelo Velazquez
Email: /

Fundación Bogotart

Bogotá, Colombia

BogotArt is an organization dedicated to promoting a more democratic world by providing free access to art to marginalized communities and engaging at-­risk youth in cultural endeavors. Using public space as its main arena of work, BogotArt does a co-­creation of art in conjunction with the community members and delivers free art and creativity workshops to children and youth that normally do not have access to these opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to use art as a catalyzer of social equality.

Contact Person: Leonardo Párraga, Executive Director
Phone: +573143818084

Fundación Escuelas de Paz

Bogota, Colombia

Schools of Peace Foundation is a place of meeting and dialogue, an institute for training and research, an information and documentation, equipment advice, mediation and intervention in schools, as well as a tool for critical analysis and reporting. Its focus is on educating in a culture of peace based on the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, sustainable development, democratic citizenship, cosmopolitan and civic ethics based on tolerance and intercultural solidarity.

Contact Person: Amada Benavides de Perez

Brigada De Voluntarios Bolivarianos Del Peru

Lima, Peru

BVB Peru is an organization made from youth for youth. They offer volunteer opportunities and develop their activities on the national and international level.

Contact Person: Ninfa Martinez Palomino
Email: or
Facebook page: BVB Peru

World for Refugees


World for Refugees is a youth- and refugee-led advocacy campaign aimed at alleviating the global refugee crisis. We work with young people around the world to introduce and push for a policy agenda that encourages nations and communities to increase their financial commitment to the UNHCR and increasing their refugee resettlement quota.

Contact Person: Hannah Kapadia
Email: or
Facebook page: World for Refugees

Conseil Consultatif des Jeunes


Conseil Consultatif des Jeunes is a national organization founded in 2013 with the goal of fighting for the rights of youth, especially the excluded. They do this by conducting community-based human rights consultations, promoting and defending human rights through advocacy with authorities and decision-makers and sensitizing the public on human rights through various communication tools (radio, magazines, and drawings).

Contact Person: Pierre Adelin
Phone: +50936370267
Facebook page: Conseil Consultatif des Jeunes

Peacemaker 360


Started in 2016, Peacemaker 360 is a peace journalism platform with a threefold mission: inspire, connect, and amplify peace activism efforts by showcasing positive stories of young peacebuilders all around the world.

Contact Person: Person: Christiano Cito
Phone: +573209088660
Website: Peacemaker 360
Facebook page:  Peacemaker 360

Afghans for Progressive Thinking

Kabul, Afghanistan

APT is an Afghan non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan, founded in Kabul in 2010. It works to encourage and empower university students to work toward the development of a free and peaceful society by offering lectures, workshops and learning resources that allow them to critically engage in contemporary issues.

Contact Person: Ali Fayez (Programs Manager)
Email: or
Phone: +937 965 775 19

Centre for Communication and Development (CCD)

Rajshahi, Bangladesh

The Centre for Communication and Development, founded in 1999, is a communication and journalism based non-profit and non-governmental knowledge centre working in the northern region of Bangladesh. It works for the free flow of information, free press, free speech and free sprit of all people. The organisation is committed to utilise the full potential of information and communication media for human and social gods and egalitarian society.

Contact Person: G. M. Mourtoza (Director)
Email: or
Phone: +880 721 751 001
Facebook: CCD

Letters of Love


Letters of Love is a youth-led, international, grassroots NGO based in India that makes a difference to the global refugee crisis by providing psychological and social support to refugee children and youth inside and outside conflict areas, fostering pen-pal friendships to humanise the so called ‘other’, making children agents of change. Since 2015, Letters of Love has delivered handwritten letters to more than 30,000 Syrian, Iraqui, Yazidi, Rohingya, Afghan, Kurdish and Palestinian refugee children.

Contact Person: Pooja Pradeep, Founder
Phone: +918870530850
Facebook: Letters of Love

People for Parity Foundation (PFP)

New Delhi, India

People for Parity (PFP) is working to promote a world with ‘Gender Peace’, i.e. a state of reconciliation and peaceful co-existence between people of all genders. PFP works with marginalised youth to transform their gender beliefs from discriminatory or violent in nature to inclusive and empathetic. Simultaneously, PFP builds capacity of community stakeholders to challenge patriarchal gender norms and establish new non-discriminatory norms.

Contact person: Arushi Mittal (Co-founder)
Email: or
Phone: +919 004 230 532
Facebook: PFP

Youth for Peace International (YFPI)

New Delhi, India

Youth for Peace International is a platform of young people aged 15-30 and envisions a peaceful world of empowered individuals and sustainable societies. YfPI builds the capacity of young people, involves youth in peacebuilding activities and contributes to the peacebuilding ecosystem through networking & partnership, various advocacy channels, research, consultations, policy strategy support and humanitarian aid work.

Contact person: Saumya Aggarwal (CEO)
Phone: +91 99908 96558
Facebook Page: Youth for Peace International 


Chandigarh, India

YUVSATTA is an NGO working in a variety of areas in order to steer young people toward the implementation of Gandhian ideals of Constructive Programmes based on voluntary efforts and community action. It tackles issues of race, religion, gender discrimination and economic divides by empowering young people.

Contact Person: Pramod Sharma (Coordinator)
Email: or
Phone: +91 172 464 2100
Facebook: YUVSATTA

Young Interfaith Peacemaker Community (YIPC)

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

YIPC that founded in 2012, is a youth-led community focuses on religious peacebuilding among youth. Its main activities are interfaith dialogue and peace education. In a multi-cultural and multi-religious nation, like Indonesia, celebrating diversity and toleration are very crucial to maintain the unity. YIPC is committed to play a strategic role to foster respect and reconciliation among the peoples.

Contact person: Riston Batuara (National Facilitator)
Phone: +628 1126 548 84
Facebook: YIPC

Jagriti Child and Youth Concern (JCYCN)

Kathmandu, Nepal

JCYCN was established in 2001, during the armed conflicts in Nepal. Since then it has been working as the watchdog for children and youth rights. JCYCN believes it is crucial in the post-war period and during state rebuilding, that participation grows in every section of the society. Therefore, in this environment JCYCN is at the forefront to raise key issues and ensure youth and child involvement.

Contact Person: Tilottam Paudel (President)
Email: or
Phone: 0977-1-4671288
Facebook: JCYCN

Youth Network for Peace and Development (YNPD)

Jaleshwar, Mahottari, Nepal

YNPD is a network of youth clubs working in rural areas of South Nepal. Its focus area of work is peacebuilding and rural development while offering young people from 15 to 29 the capacity to gain knowledge and power, leadership and peacebuilding training and institutional development trainings.

Contact Person: Suresh Kumar (Executive Director)
Phone +977 445 210 55

Coalition on Rights and Responsibilities of Youth (CRY)

Peshawar, Pakistan

The Coalition on Rights and Responsibilities of Youth is a youth-led membership organisation that gives priority to youth participation at every level. It works for the promotion and protection of young peoples’/ adolescents’ rights and responsibilities in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

Contact Person: Saba Ismail
Email: or
Phone: +92 91 5594070

Youth Development Foundation

Lahore, Pakistan

Youth Development Foundation (YDF) is a youth focused organization that effectively works with the young people towards achieving their vision of a vibrant, tolerant and pluralistic society. YDF serves as a network of diverse youth that works for: developing youth, their capacities and promoting respect for religious diversity, countering the growing trend of violent extremism among youth in Pakistan.

Contact person: Shahid Rehmat (Executive Director)
Facebook Page: Youth Development Foundation

Generation Peace Youth Network (GenPeace)

Quezon City, Philippines

Generation Peace Youth Network is a network of 40 member organizations that focuses on peacebuilding, human rights advocacy, supports the peace processes and pushes for the youth peace agenda in the Philippines. GenPeace works on advancing an active, non-violent, youth-led advocacy towards just and sustainable peace. We work on strengthening our advocacy through organized and structured programs – shaping the discourse and mainstreaming peace and promoting active youth participation grounded on our principles of opposing all forms of violence and that peace should be achieved through peaceful means.

Contact Person: Beverly Orozco (National Coordinator)
Email: or
Phone: +634 266 064
Facebook: GenPeace

Sri Lanka Unites

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Unites is a youth movement working towards post war reconciliation and social cohesion. Sri Lanka Unites motivate young leaders in schools and universities across the country to understand the need for reconciliation in post-war Sri Lanka, and empower them to undertake and give leadership to inter-community reconciliation initiatives in their localities.

Contact Person: Neluni Tillekeratne (Co- National Director)
Email: or
Phone: +941 150 4514
Facebook: Sri Lanka Unites

Gyumri Youth initiative Centre

Gyumri, Armenia

YIC is a non-governmental organisation established by a group of active young people who are experienced and well recognised in the field of youth work. It aims to increase youth participation in national youth policy development and decision-making processes through volunteering, spreading cultural awareness and artistic expression and improving inter-cultural dialogue.

Contact Person: Rebecca Hovhannisyan (Projects Officer)
E-mail: or
Phone / Fax: + 374 959 19 197
Facebook: YIC

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly

Vanadzor, Armenia

HCA Vanadzor is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit NGO, which unites individuals who support the supreme principles of democracy, tolerance, pluralism, and human rights as values. It carries out discussions, seminars, public hearings, (joint) public actions, trainings legal actions, civil participation, publications, studies/research, monitoring, lobbying, involvement of mass media, TV and radio discussion and debates.

Contact Person: Armine Sadikyan (Projects Coordinator)
Email: or
Facebook: HCAV

Peace Dialogue

Vanadzor, Armenia

Peace Dialogue is an NGO registered in Armenia since 2009. It unites different peace and civil activists from Armenia, Russia, Georgia, and Germany. It focuses on the development of civil peacebuilding potential, strengthening of respect for human rights and democratic values, promotion of civil initiatives and advocacy on behalf of victims of conflict.

Contact Person: Edgar Khachatryan (President)
Email: or
Facebook: Peace Dialogue

Youth Club Public Union

Baku, Azerbaijan

Youth Club Public Union was created in 2007 to promote the active participation of youth in the building of democracy and civil society in Azerbaijan.  Youth Club PU since organises debates among young leaders, capacity building trainings, and informative events on selected issues related to peace at the global, regional and local level.

Contact Person: Zaur Akbar (Founder)
Email: or
Facebook: Youth Club Public Union

SCAF Youth Centre

Minsk, Belarus

The Support Centre for Associations and Foundations (SCAF) is a resource centre that serves foundations, associations and other not-for-profit organisations to promote peace, education and civil society development. SCAF was registered in 1996 as a non-government and non-for-profit organization. It aims to create a peaceful, civil and educated Belarusian society in which NGOs contribute meaningfully and effectively as partners with the government and local businesses.

Contact Person: Igor Zagumionnov (Director of Youth Centre)

Service Civil International

Antwerpen, Belgium

SCI is a volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organising international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. The organisation consists of 44 branches and an ever-growing number of partner organisations. It focuses on volunteering, nonviolence methods and principles, human rights, solidarity, respect for the environment, inclusion, empowerment and cooperation among local communities and other international actors.

Contact Person: Wilbert Helsloot
Email: or


Mechelen, Belgium

Tumult was founded in Belgium in 1972 as a civil service for conscientious objectors of military service. Today, Tumult is a youth organization focusing on peace education. Tumult reinforces bonds between different groups of people, teaching communities to cope with conflict. The name ‘Tumult’ is a Dutch synonym for uproar.

Contact Person: Silke Cuypers (Staff International)
Email: or

Youth Resource Center Tuzla

Tuzla, Bosna i Hercegovina

Youth Resource Center (ORC) Tuzla was founded in 2004. The organization provides services to youth organisations and individuals, especially to those who act in smaller and “closed” local areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its aim is to empower and strengthen the youth sector in the region. 

Contact person: Slobodan Blagovcanin (Project Manager)
Email: or
Phone: +387 35 258 077
Facebook Page: ORC/hCa Tuzla

Seiklejate Vennaskond

Tartu, Estonia

Seiklejate Vennaskond is a group of young active and optimistic people who are interested in different areas of life. Its work focuses on youth exchanges, seminars and training courses concerning equality, media impact, innovation, fighting against racism and xenophobia, HIV prevention, environment protection, local and regional activities concerning integration and adventure tourism.

Contact Person: Heleri Alles (President)
Email: or
Facebook: Seiklejate Vennaskond

Academy for Peace and Development

Tbilisi , Georgia

APD is an international, non-governmental, non-profit and non-political youth organisation, established in Georgia in 2002, on the basis of the Young Leaders for Peace and Development (YLPD) Programme. Its work focuses on conflict management, project management, training of trainers, racism and xenophobia, intercultural learning, leadership, effective communication, citizenship, gender, HIV/AIDs prevention, human rights and trafficking.

Contact Person: Giorgi Kakulia (President)
Email: or

Art Way

Batumi, Georgia

Art Way is a Youth organization and it is working with local youth people. It uses art tools to express social problems and develop civil society. Its focus is to build the capacity of stakeholders in the field of conflict management and related issues. Art Way facilitates linking and sharing between practitioners and stakeholders to ensure the building of sustainable peace in Georgia.

Contact Person: Nino Chkhaidze (Project Manager)
Email: or
Phone: +995 555 121 981
Facebook: Art Way

European Intercultural Forum

Berlin, Germany

EIF is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization, which operates on an international level in the field of international cooperation and development, peace education, active citizenship, empowerment and capacity development. Its work focuses on short-term international and educational events providing cross-cultural experience and exchange of practice, long-term cooperation project to develop the capacity of civil society and address skills and competences of youth and adults, especially those with fewer opportunities.

Contact Person: Sebastian Schweitzer (President)
Email: or
Website: European Intercultural Forum

Syrian Youhth Assembly

Bielefeld, Germany

The organization is a platform for Syrians youth (18-30), set up by Syrian youth, working together to build peace around the world. The organization focuses on topics like peacebuilding and integrating Syrian youth into political and diplomatic work, their inclusion in the Syrian peace process, a comprehensive awareness campaign for Syrian youth on peace issues and the recognition and strengthening of Syrian Youth capacities to be effective humanitarian actors in conflict prevention and the reconstruction of conflict-affected society, amongst other topics.

Contact Person:Ehab Badwi,
Phone: +49 157 807 994 90
Website:  Syrian Youth Assembly
Facebook: SYA

Human Rights Initiative

Budapest, Hungary

HRSI is an awareness-raising and capacity building organisation based at Central European University (CEU). The students of the CEU Legal Studies and Human Rights Program founded HRSI in 1999. It aims to promote social engagement through awareness raising and capacity building. HRSI focuses on youth involvement, education and active student participation.



Palermo, Italy

The International Center for Promotion of Education and Development is an international non-profit organisation based in Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Belgium. The network promotes cooperation at the local level and facilitates access to opportunities at the European level, as well as learning mobility and European co-operation. Its work involves peace and nonviolence, equality in diversity, human rights, democracy and active participation, cooperation, communication, solidarity, social integration, respect, tolerance, and interculturalism.

Contact person: Musa Kirkar (President)
Email: or

Centre for Intercultural Dialogue

Kumanovo, Macedonia

CID is a civil society organization working to promote intercultural acceptance and active citizenship through capacity building processes, education and youth work. The organization’s activities focus on many aspects which are of interest for young people: from provision of services and information, to research and support for policy-making and networking. Their objectives are to develop and provide quality learning opportunities within non-formal education, to offer capacity development of civil society and to facilitate youth support systems.

Contact person: Aleksandra Cvetkovska
Email: or
Phone: +389 77 883 941
Facebook: CID


Utrecht, Netherlands

Horizons is a Dutch NGO that aim to contribute to the global youth movement. They work with youth on building just, equal societies by means of intercultural dialogue with a specific focus on the relationship between (what is traditionally called) the West and the Middle East. Horizons also empowers youth and encourages mutual respect by providing a platform for youth to speak out against radicalism and intolerance alongside advocacy work targeting politicians to implement and pursue just policies worldwide.

Contact Person: Iris Frakking
Phone: +316 145 65 667
Facebook: Horizons

World Esperanto Youth Organization

Rotterdam, Netherlands, Europe

Their main mission is to promote a world where people are not discriminated based on the language they speak. The organization tries to promote global peace, language and cultural diversity through intercultural understanding among young people from all over the world. Our vision is that it is only possible if we use a language that doesn’t show any kind of cultural or political domination, one language that is neutral, that doesn’t belong to anyone but to everyone: Esperanto.

Contact Person: Ana Ribeiro
Email: or
Phone: +5583993280082 or +31104361044
Facebook:  TEJO

Beyond Skin

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Beyond Skin is an organisation based in Northern Ireland using music, art, multimedia and radio as a tool for cultural education and exchange. It was established in 2004 to assist in the building and development of cultural relations in Northern Ireland, with the overall aim of addressing issues of racism and sectarianism.

Contact Person: Darren Ferguson
Email: or
Phone: +44 (0)7877 756 987
Facebook: Beyond Skin


Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Peace, Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania was founded in 2001 as a non-governmental, non-profit and politically independent organisation in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Its key areas of work are conflict transformation, the promotion of human rights through information and awareness raising through social, political and economic analysis. The Institute lays its activity on to four pillars: action, training, research, advocacy and raising awareness.

Contact Person: Benedikt Hielscher
Email: or

Youth Democratic Movement VESNA

Saint Petersburg, Russia

YDM VESNA stands for freedom of expression, political freedom, equal rights and opportunities for all in society.

Contact Person: Nikolai Artemenko
Phone: +7 961 804-12-50

Fundacio Catalunya Voluntaria

Barcelona, Spain

The FCV exists to offer young people the opportunity to develop their competence through their active participation in actions and projects with a positive impact in their communities. The FCV use non-formal and intercultural experiential learning methods to facilitate youth participation in international projects and the presence of Catalan organisations in international events and networks.

Contact Person: Lluc Martí (Program Coordinator)
Email: or
Phone: +34 93 412 44 93
Facebook: FCV


Barcelona, Spain

Nexes Interculturals de Joves per Europa is non-profit youth organisation working at local and international levels to foster intercultural learning, active participation and sustainable social transformation that make the most of diversity as an enriching resource. It develops several programs and projects based primarily on the use of non-formal education. This can be defined as the process of teaching and learning that educational institutions outside the school offer to children, young people and adults with an explicit purpose to educate.

Contact person: Davie Tonon
Email: or
Phone: +34 (0) 93 442 71 67

PeaceWorks Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Peaceworks Sweden is a non-profit peace organisation run by youth, for youth. PeaceWorks offers the chance to volunteer abroad and provides the tools needed to run a peace project of your own. PeaceWorks Sweden is run on the basis of openness for all and on the basis of all members’ participation and influence

Contact Person: Joelle Golmann
Email: or
Phone: +46 8 615 05 58

The Young Republic


The Young Republic is an award-winning youth organization, working to empower young refugees to foster their democratic participation, civic engagement and social inclusion in their new communities in Europe.

Contact Person: Adam Elsod (Chairman)
Email: or
Phone: +46 70 044 44 69
Facebook: The Young Republic

World Peace Initiative

United Kingdom, Thailand, Hong Kong

World Peace Initiative is a non-profit organisation that believes individual self-development can act as a foundation of peace-building. Since 2008, WPI has conducted a Peace Revolution project, inventing an easy way to provide inner peace education and self-development for people around the world regardless of race, nationality or belief.

Contact person: Alejandra Barbé Sevilla (West Europe Regional Coordinator)
Email: or
Facebook: Peace Revolution


Society Initiatives Institute

Lviv, Ukraine

Society Initiatives Institute is a non-governmental organisation implementing projects in the field of youth empowerment, community development and human rights. Their team uses a wide range of non-formal education methods in order to contribute to building a democratic and inclusive society, where every person can receive equal opportunities for development and self-realization.

Contact person: Anna Lepskaya (project manager)
Email: or


Cairo, Egypt

Etijah is a youth and development consultancy institute, specialising in developing, improving and disseminating development methodologies in the field of youth and community development. Its work is undertaken in line with the values of respect, integrity, freedom, equality, trust, loyalty and cooperation.

Phone: +20 226 105 57/27

Arab Educational Institute (AEI)

Bethlehem, Ramallah and Hebron, Palestine

The Arab Educational Institute (AEI), based the Palestinian cities of Bethlehem, Ramallah and Hebron, furthers education, peacebuilding and dialogue in the region. AEI also works closely with Palestinian NGOs at local and national levels, especially in the fields of education and non-violent activities. Its focus is on developing youth leadership skills, raising awareness about values, culture and identity, training in effectively communicating Palestinian reality, and developing capacity, sustainability and outreach.

Contact Person: Toine
Phone: +972 2 2744030

Youth without Borders Organization for Development

Taiz, Yemen

Youth without Borders Organization for Development (YWBOD) is a non-governmental, non-profit civil society organization working on building the capacities of youth and empowering them to play significant and effective roles to bring about positive changes. And contribute in peacebuilding.

Contact Person: Maged Sulta
Email: or
Phone: +967-222292

Free Sight Association

Maghreb, Tunisia

Free Sight Association is an independent, non-profit NGO established on December the 26th, 2011 after the revolution of 2010 in Tunisia. The NGO works on defending human rights, focusing on Youth and Women, spreading a culture of dialogue, peacebuilding and the spirit of citizenship. Free Sight follows the path of transitional justice, encouraging active participation for the success of the democratic transition process in Tunisia. They aim to prevent violent extremism in Tunisia through different national and transnational projects

Contact Person: Arbia Jbeli
Phone: +216 25 126 867
Facebook: Free Sight Organization

Together We Build It

Tripoli, Libya

A non-profit organization that focuses on building capacities of women and youth at the grassroots level through research, raising awareness, and advocacy on UNSCR 1325 and 2250 as a reference framework to empower them to take part of peace negotiations and play an effective role in peace-building and conflict prevention by assisting a peaceful democratic transition in Tripoli.

Contact Person: Hajer Sharief
Facebook: Together We Build It