A global network strengthening sustainable youth-driven peacebuilding

80 organisations, 50 countries

We are a network of 80 youth organisations in 50 countries, united around the vision of a world free from violence in which young people play an active role in contributing to peace.


Call for Participants Youth Peacebuilders Forum!

We are delighted to inform you that our call for participants for the 4th Edition of Young Peacebuilders Forum 2018 “Shaping the Narrative” is now open! Apply here before the 30th of June to shape together our own Peaceful Narrative!

Why youth and peace?

Young people are not just the future, they are the present. Today almost half of the world’s population under the age of 24. By offering young people a possibility to take part in shaping their own futures, young people can be at the front line of peacebuilding. To find out more, read about our vision or about what we do.

Responding to Tensions across Religious Lines in Sri Lanka

Tensions in Sri Lanka have risen after violent clashes between the Buddhist and Muslim communities in central Sri Lanka. On 6 March, the government imposed a nationwide state of emergency. Our member organisation Sri Lanka Unites is working hard to bring the violence to an halt and address the underlying tensions. Below is their update on the current situation in Sri Lanka.

As a movement,  our member organization Sri Lanka Unites has been on top gear looking to respond and ensure young people in our network play a positive role. Read more about their assesment of the situation and what is the suitable response to deal with these tensions.